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Gamified experiential training, learning by doing, learning by playing, learning by solving challenges

Workshop length alternative: 3×40 min, 5×40 min, 9×40 min (full day), full weekend (27×40 min including e-learning)

The workshops will introduce you to the principles, tools, methods and applications of each of the respective thinking modalities/alternatives.

As well you will learn how to enhance your brain performance, creativity, thinking and impact capacity, with lear-play training sessions (Matrix-Q Skills, Matrix-Q Brain GYM, Matrix-Q Play, Matrix-Q Sonic) 

Please choose one of the workshops listed below, and contact us for more details

  • History of Human Thinking (Overview of thinking modalities and skills)
  • Holistic Thinking (Thinking from several perspectives simultaneously)
  • Fractal Thinking (Utilizing fractal patterns model for thinking)
  • Nested Thinking (The Russian babushka challenge)
  • Circular Thinking (12+ Levels of Circular Thinking)
  • Regenerative Systems Thinking (Using regenerative nature inspired systems)
  • Bridging the impact gap: from knowledge and thinking to execution and impact
  • Multidisciplinary Thinking (one single language, bring together all human disciplines)
  • Quantum Thinking 
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Monocular Thinking
  • Linear Thinking
  • Natural Thinking
  • Mechanist Thinking
  • Symptomatic Thinking
  • Immunology thinking
  • Emotional intelligence based thinking (Thinking by utilising emotions, applied to learning, decision making, innovation, strategy, communication, collaboration, time management)
  • Intuitive Thinking
  • Nature inspired thinking (Forest bathing workshop, learning to think together with nature)
  • Parallel thinking (What they did not tell you about the six thinking hats)
  • Holographic thinking (The holographic thinking tool)
  • Creative thinking & Innovation Capacity
  • Collective Intelligence – Crowd Thinking
  • Lean & Agile thinking 
  • Trapped Value release methodology
  • Systemic Thinking vs Systems Thinking
  • Synergetic Thinking
  • Matrix-Q 27 Leadership Styles Thinking
  • Peace Work Thinking
  • Purpose-full Thinking
  • Human-Inclusive Thinking
  • Sustainability, SDG’s Thinking
  • Nonary vs Binary Thinking
  • Proto thinking/computing, Ancient cultures and civilisations’ nature inspired tools, to assist processing of complexity and thinking
  • Futurist, predictive thinking
  • Complex systems thinking
  • Ecosystems (Living systems) thinking 
  • Quantum Economy Thinking
  • Human Potential, human evolution time line, and stages of development. Thinking, emotional intelligence and civilisation development
  • Holistic learning skills
  • Learn-play thinking, gamification, game theory applied
  • Matrix-Q Brain GYM Tools, methods, skills, techniques
  • Impact Thinking (sustainability, footprint, positive impact)
  • Thinking with our body: body-awareness (emotional intelligence applied) skills
  • Multidimensional Thinking
  • Co-creative thinking (How to bring together male and female natural thinking)
  • Hormone cycles/shifts thinking (Patterns of thinking and behaviour, influenced by hormone cycles and shifts)
  • Data-driven Thinking
  • Algorithmic Thinking

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STUDY CIRCLE: Matrix-Q Thinking

The Matrix-Q Study Circle offers you a 9 months yearly program, dedicated to measure, predict, enhance and optimise your thinking, creativity, and impact capacity

  • Matrix-Q Thinking Methodology
    • WHAT: You will learn to utilise the Matrix-Q Methodology applied for creative thinking
    • COMPULSORY: For the use of the Matrix-Q Methodology it is necessary to have previously  acquired the capacity to utilise diverse methodologies of thinking, and through their practice, developed a foundation (skills). (See Matrix-Q Thinking Workshops. Please schedule a Coaching-Training Assessment of thinking-capacity (scan) session, in order to tailor made your individual learning program) 
    • HOW: We will utilise real challenges, wicked problems, global pressing issues, to exercise Matrix-Q Thinking. 
    • SKILLS: To enhance your capacity to process complexity, change, ambiguity, uncertainty, we have included a continuous training, brain GYM, utilising diverse brain repatterining and performance enhancement tools, techniques, direct and indirect skills development, methods.
    • IMPACT: We bridge the gap, from knowledge and thinking, to impact and execution 
    • HOLISTIC LEARNING METHODOLOGY: We will utilise a learn-play methodology, games, simulations, and role play, combined with the Matrix-Q Holistic Learning Methodology
    • INCLUDED: Holistic Coaching-training, data-driven assessment of thinking capacity, e-learning, smart applications, e-games, Matrix-Q Play, Brain GYM training

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